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Release Day for "Forever Remembered"

Today is the release of the final installment of the Remember You Stories. I have to say, for a series that literally started out on a whim of an idea, it really became more than I imagined.

If you haven't read the series yet, I'll mark where I talk about the story specifically for spoilers, in case you hate that sort of thing. But I can't talk about this book without bringing up a little about the previous four books. You've been warned!

I know these are very short stories, but that's for a reason. I don't think some stories need a lot of depth for you to feel them in your heart. Actually, I think when they are shorter and not loaded with descriptive words, you can imagine the characters looking how you want them to without being distracted by the other stuff. Sometimes I like a nice short story that gets to the point. I don't always have the time to read something long and epic!

So for those who will be checking out because of the spoilers, head over and grab the first four books today.




So at the end of the last one, we had Rose trying to move on with her life. She's been through it. She loves William, although she's a little conflicted about that too. It's not like she's known him that long, after all. But she still feels that draw to him anyway, and has felt it since the first time they met. Still, how is she going to live in our modern world while being committed to a guy from 100 years in the past. Talk about an impractical relationship, am I right?

For me, I thought Rose as a character would make the brave choice to let go. She'd already done it once, what's one more time? You never get to know about where Rose came from. Only that it was a situation she couldn't stand to be in anymore and that she felt alone enough that she needed to drop everyone and completely start over. She's trying to build a new life, and over time she's seen that this thing with William is spotty at best. Not exactly starting over material.

But I couldn't leave it there. It seemed like the most realistic reaction on her part, but I didn't want them to not make it. Still, I don't see romance as all flowers and rainbows. Sometimes loving someone means letting them go. You see it all the time in the real world, so I went with that. And yet, sometimes time changes things and pushes people back together.

One of the few romance movies I really like is one called "Serendipity" a 2001 movie with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack. Sometimes things happen in just the right way...

So that is what Forever Remembered is. After years apart, knowing that she told him she was never coming back, Rose returns to the Waffle House in hopes that William might somehow be there. She knows it's a long shot but she misses him enough that even just going there would be enough. To sit in the booth and remember. So she returns and finds out that William isn't the only one in that all night diner with an interesting story.

Hopefully you've grabbed your copy and if not, then there's no time like the present!

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