• Krystal Doolittle

June & July Reading Recap

This past month I managed to read five books. I don't read terribly slow, but I seem to struggle to find the time. Usually it's something that happens before bed and lately I have just been tired. Still, I think I did fairly well in spite of it! I'm not going to tell you what each book is about, you can find that information on Amazon. But I will tell you what I thought of it without spoilers if I can manage.

The Archived took me a bit to get into. I'm not really sure why, since I really loved the premise. I'll still read the next one, but I'm not in a big hurry. I think for some reason I just

felt underwhelmed a little.

Her is a poetry book, in case you weren't aware. I slowly made my way through this one, taking in the words and the illustrations. I am not a HUGE poetry person, but I do like them from time to time and go through phases.

I think this one would be great to keep by your bed and randomly read here and there. Something to make you think before bed.

The Windy City Magic Trilogy was so cute! Sometimes I just want a fluffy, feel good kinda read, and these really itched that scratch for me. I loved the first and then was a little nervous to read the second. Sometimes the rest don't live up, you know? But I devoured the second and third over a weekend, so that should tell you something.

They aren't heavy reading, which I also adore. I sometimes get tired with a book if it takes too long and there's not enough to hold my attention. Even still, holding my attention for over 350 pages is some work. (I'm looking at you, Sarah J. Maas. Those books should be considered weapons!)

Anyhoo, loved these. Glad I had bought the physical copies because they are getting moved to my keeper bookshelf.

This is my second Colleen Hoover book, and I really loved this one.

The characters were so damn relatable and I found myself chuckling out loud at their banter. I loved it. Loved everything about it. No spoilers here. Just read it.

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