• Krystal Doolittle

Facts about "The Midwest Mermaid"

The Midwest Mermaid was my second book and I actually had started writing it on Wattpad but eventually took it down and published it instead.

I really wanted to do something different with mermaids and so in this one, I gave it a little twist. I also made my main character bi racial because I wanted to change the way people looked at mermaids. They are always depicted as these white women with long flowing hair. I wanted my mermaid to be a different kind of stunning. One that's a little more realistic, if I may say so.

I created mood boards for each of the characters, but used licensed images, so I can't publicly share them. Still, I went in search of faces for each of my characters and a mood to go with them. It was really fun branching out this way and I still adore looking back on those boards. And I know they will come in handy when I eventually write the sequel.

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